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@anon960062: What you have to do is to go to a retail chain cosmetics counter (I suggest Clinique for beginniners) and tell the partner you don’t have the foggiest idea about a thing about cosmetics. I ensure the person in question (most likely a she) will be completely excited to walk you through the way toward doing cosmetics.

Most likely probably the best counsel you’ll get is the manner by which to pick complimenting hues and how to apply the trickier things like eyeliner and mascara. You may even need to get one of the items. Clinique makes great items and I’d suggest them.

Let an expert assistance you out. You will love it.    obafemimartins

ANON960062JULY 8, 2014

I am a novice. I don’t have the foggiest idea what request to put cosmetics on, what to put, on the best way to put it on, what brushes to utilize, what all to use to do a full face of cosmetics, nothing. I truly need assistance. Anybody okay with helping a totally dumbfounded individual? Much appreciated folks.


My preferred sort of cosmetics imaginativeness is making plans with nail clean. I never purchase the packs with the stick-on nails that have just been painted, in light of the fact that I like to make my own pictures.

I start with a strong shading shine as the foundation. When that dries, I do an assortment of spots, blossoms, stripes, or whatever makes me excited.

I like to do white, orange, and yellow stripes for treats corn nails around Halloween. Close to Christmas, I do structures with sparkle clean on head of red and green nails. In summer, I once made a sea shore scene with palm trees, seagulls, and the sea, and that is likely my most point by point nail craftsmanship to date.

I had a go at utilizing a nail pen, yet I found that it simply made trenches in the shading. I can work best with the brush that is as of now in the nail clean jug.


@orangey03 – I love my mineral establishment. I have a couple of spots and age spots all over, yet this cosmetics smooths them out rather well.

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